Veterans United Home Loans Joins Historic Mission to Honor Over 1,000 WWII Heroes During Operation September Freedom

CARSON CITY, Nevada – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Dream flights, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring America’s Veterans and Seniors living in retirement and long-term care communities, today announced that Veterans United Home Loans is a national partner in supporting its historic effort to honor the heroes of WWII with Dream Flights during Operation September Freedom. Veterans United Home Loans is the first partner in Dream Flights history to have a dedicated Stearman on their behalf.

The fully restored 1942 Stearman Biplane (N65011) is one of six Stearmans leading a nationwide storm effort to honor more than 1,000 WWII heroes in approximately 300 cities with free Dream Flights. Operation September Freedom begins August 1 and continues through September 30, 2021.

“Operation September Freedom is perhaps our last opportunity to honor the brave men and women who served in the war that changed the world,” said Darryl Fisher, Founder and President of Dream Flights. “Of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II, only about 100,000 remain, the youngest: 92.”

Fisher said Veterans United Home Loans is making a difference in the lives of veterans and families across our country and “we are grateful to them for expanding their mission to honor our seniors and the heroes of World War II.”

“We are proud to partner with Dream Flights to honor our WWII veterans,” said Pam Swan, vice president of military relations and business development at Veterans United Home Loans. “This opportunity to help the greater generation allows us to live out our core value of improving life.”

Dream Flights pilots, many of whom fly for major airlines and are themselves active-duty or retired military veterans, will volunteer their time to fly WWII veterans in the world’s largest biplane fleet. Stearman’s restored country. During a 20-minute dream flight, veterans experience the freedom and exhilaration of soaring 1,000 feet in the air in an iconic open-cockpit biplane.

Dream Flights has offered more than 4,200 Dream Flights for free to seniors and veteran heroes living in senior residences and long-term care communities since 2011. The non-profit organization relies on sponsorships and donations companies and individuals to cover maintenance costs, fuel and other operating costs related to Dream Flights. Sponsorship and donation opportunities are available by visiting Follow Dream Flights on Facebook @DreamFlightsOrg.

About dream flights

Dream flights is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the service, sacrifice and stories of senior American veterans by providing them with a life-changing experience: an open-air flight in the cockpit of a WWII Stearman biplane world fully restored. From its founding in 2011 until today, the organization has honored more than 4,200 veterans and seniors with free dream flights. Each is made possible through generous donations from corporate sponsors, including Sports clips, United Home Loans for Veterans, American Airlines, Senior Life Discovery, American Healthcare Association / National Center for Assisted Living, Argentum, One day, as well as individuals and businesses across the country. The pilots and crew of Dream Flights, many of whom are veterans themselves, volunteer to support Dream Flights’ mission of “Giving Back to Those Who Gave”. Follow @DreamFlightsOrg on social media and visit www.dreamflights.orgTax deductible donations and sponsorship opportunities are available at

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