What’s the next step for loan officers? Actionable information to anticipate with the non-QM

“A critical part of a person’s success is that we believe you should partner with an experienced, high quality non-QM lender. There are a lot of people returning to the non-QM space in 2021. To be an expert you have to filter through the noise and work with the best in the business. This is the only way to truly be successful in non-QM and have a good experience – to find and partner with solid and accomplished non-QM lenders.

So how feasible is this for someone who is relatively new to the non-QM industry? Do they risk being left behind as their more experienced counterparts flourish – or is there a way to avoid this?

“It’s inevitable that loan officers who have been doing non-QM for years will be a bit ahead of the game, rather than someone trying to make their first non-QM loan,” Hutchens said. “But it’s really not difficult for them to embrace non-QM. Once you’ve done that, you can start to market yourself as something different from the usual Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan expert.

For more valuable advice – covering not only branding and partnership, but also advice on networking, social media and more – Angel Oak’s new infographic “Six Keys to Success” is a essential reading. Looked here.

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