Woman sentenced on multiple charges for alleged theft of cars and clothing stores

By Julia Ornedo

A Tacoma woman has been charged with multiple counts after allegedly stealing a car from an Olympia man as well as items from an Olympia clothing store.

Olympia police arrested Breann Nicole Coleman, 33, on March 7 after a reported robbery at a clothing store on Harrison Avenue. Prior to this incident, law enforcement had found probable cause in Coleman for alleged theft and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Earlier today, a man reported that his car, a blue Jeep Cherokee, was stolen in the 2300 block of Pacific Avenue.

The man said he got out of his vehicle but left it unlocked with the key inside. He added that a woman, later identified as Coleman, was the only other person in the parking lot at the time.

Video footage showed a person approaching the vehicle, entering it, and then driving it toward State Avenue, police said.

Later that day, an informant told authorities he recovered mail that had been thrown away by a man and a woman driving a blue Jeep Cherokee. The mail discarded by the suspect belonged to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Minutes after police responded to that call, another officer was dispatched to a Ross Dress for Less store after a reported robbery by a woman later identified as Coleman.

Police said they asked the suspect to get out of her vehicle, but Coleman locked the car and drove off.

Officers found Coleman hiding in the bathroom of a trailer. She was detained without incident and informed the authorities.

“I didn’t steal the car,” Coleman told police. “I paid my friend $500 for this car,” without providing any information about the supposed purchase.

Police released Coleman’s companion, who denied knowledge of the car theft.

The suspect was incarcerated in the Thurston County jail for third degree theft, possession of another person’s identification and possession of a stolen vehicle.

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