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It’s not often you find a specific item of clothing with over a million views on TikTok, but search the term “Zara Seamless” on the platform and you’ll soon find that videos of Zara’s seamless sets have been viewed over 5.7 million times. With such a statistic, it’s hard to deny the article’s popularity.

Recently launched as part of Zara (opens in a new tab) Unlimited outline collection, the seamless sets are currently available in four colors: black, cream, brown and a shade of pastel green. The set consists of high waisted ribbed leggings (opens in a new tab) and a corset-inspired long-sleeve top, which features a v-neckline and a cropped silhouette.

Zara seamless set

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On TikTok, designers invest in the complete look and describe how they plan to wear the items. A single video, simply showing a flattening of the sets, has over 400,000 views and 79,000 likes.

Although the set contains leggings, it seems that most TikTok creators are styling the sets as casual wear rather than sportswear. (opens in a new tab). They wear the sets with quilted vests, long socks and sneakers.

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Made from 60% recycled fibers, the seamless sets are part of Zara’s Join Life collection. The sets are made of spandex and recycled polyamide, which is made from recycled fishing nets and nylon clothing.

From leggings to tops, the set pieces can definitely be described as wardrobe staples, so you’ll no doubt be wearing them again and again. Not only can the set be styled as a whole, but the beauty of a two-piece look (opens in a new tab) is that you can also wear each item individually. Keep scrolling to shop Zara’s seamless sets below.

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